Welcome To PeepsPay

“By the People, for Everyone”

PeepsPay is the 2nd token launched in The People’s Coin ecosystem, designed to work perfectly in tandem with the project’s primary token, PEEPS. PeepsPay features an incredible 6% reward, distributed in ETH to ALL holders from every transaction, and is the perfect solution to compliment PEEPS in the Charitable Giving & Fundraising space.

What is PeepsPay?

PeepsPay is an ETH reflection token that rewards all holders on every transaction, by distributing 6% of each respective transaction for ALL holders to receive, proportionally to their percentage of the total supply held.
PeepsPay interacts directly with its partner token, PEEPS, to provide scalability and faster transaction speeds for The People’s Coin ecosystem. PeepsPay can be acquired individually OR earned as a reward for Staking PEEPS within the ecosystem itself. This is a MASSIVE benefit to holding BOTH and earning double the rewards.

The Power of Staking PEEPS to Earn PeepsPay

Staking: The process of earning additional rewards for simply locking your qualifying tokens for a specified amount of time to passively earn more of that token OR another token as a reward. The longer the token is β€˜staked’, the higher the percentage of reward tokens you’ll receive in return.
  • PEEPS can be staked to earn PeepsPay
  • PeepsPay ALSO rewards ALL holders with 6% distributions
  • Additonal Staking benefits for both tokens TBA

Staking Benefits & Rewards

The Incredible Power of ETH Reflections

The ultimate goal of The People’s Coin is to bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and Charitable Giving. One of the largest challenges in the process is the HIGH ancillary costs of acquiring, holding, and transacting tokens regularly. A revolutionary solution to combat this is the implementation of rewarding ALL holders of PeepsPay with ETH distributions (aka reflections) from ALL transactions. This not only mitigates these ancillary costs, but many times will provide exceptional profits above and beyond, JUST FOR HOLDING AND NOT SELLING!

Because of this, PeepsPay prides itself on providing an extremely robust six (6) percent of each transaction to all of holders of the token as The People’s Coin community deserves to be rewarded for furthering the adoption of cryptocurrency in the Charitable Giving and Fundraising spaces. Take advantage of this amazing opportunity today!

PeepsPay Roadmap

PeepsPay Token Structure

Prelaunch Staking Deadline:

*Tentatively* February 19th – February 26th, 2022 / 3PM EST

Β PeepsPay Official Fair Launch:

*Tentatively* February 26th, 2022 / 7PM EST

Immediate Advantage

Receive an airdrop of 10% of amount PEEPS staked in equivalent PeepsPay!

Pricing Advantage

Airdrop sent prior to launch so it’ll be from the original block pricing!

Additional Advantages

No GAS payment required to receive airdrop!
Non-taxed transaction!

Never Too Late to Get More PEEPS!

Whether PEEPS are staked before or after launch, it is the KEY to maximizing the rewards potential with incredible Staking incentives and very low supply available, causing it’s value to exponentially grow.

Fair Launch Advantage

Make sure to capitalize on one of the RARE true Fair Launches in this space, even if the 10% airdrop was received, that’s only a jumpstart and it’s HIGHLY recommended to get more to maximize the earning potential!

Be Prepared

It’s EXTREMELY beneficial to acquire a token as close to the first block minted as possible aka early on Launch day. A great way to do this is to input the contract code into whatever wallet being used to it’s already pre-populated when the launch actually happens!

Have fun!

If all of these steps have been followed, it will inevitable be a great Launch Day!

Coming Soon: PEEPS Wallet


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